Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best of Both Worldz |||Music&Computers|||

While working through the day, I've been checking my blog and seeing new comments almost every single time. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who showed support on my page. Here are the few who guessed the right topic of review for today.
Side note: I've been implementing some changes and slowly working towards making the blog more interesting with add-ons/polls for the followers/visitors. On that note moving onto the review.


I'll let the song which I'm reviewing speak for itself -

Artist - Flying Lotus ft. Thundercat
Song - Mmmhmm
Album - Cosmogramma
Label - Warp Records

I'm not sure about you guys but as soon as the intro to this amazing song kicked in, I was hooked. The aritst Flying Lotus definitely took a different direction with this song, vividly emphasizing  his love for the lady in green Mary Jane. As you coast through the song, you'll notice the wide range of sounds used to increase the experience. While stoned, this song will guarantee you a trip fellow herbalists.

MmmHmm rates: 5 out of 5 Zettas. 

On a more personal note: 

Manufacturer - Cooler Master
Model - HAF X
This bad ass piece of technology has been labeled as one of thee top cases currently out on the market right now. I myself have personally ordered one so I thought I'd share with the rest of the PC lovers what and amazing case this is.

The Cooler Master HAX X rates: 5 out of 5 Zettas

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  1. Looks like a great case! Heh, my Thermaltake has the same hexagons on the front panel

  2. Coolermaster is one of my favorite case and fan manufacturers! Keep this going mate!

  3. whoa, that song is very awesome.
    and man, i remember the first case i ever got for myself and how i thought they probably wouldnt get any cooler looking.
    jesus thats cool

  4. Just started blogging myself, hopefully I can pick up some tips while reading your blog. Sweet case too

  5. That thing looks like a beast.

  6. that computer looks like it kicks ass

  7. i'd hit that, whith a pack of greenies
    i'm satisfied with my shitty xblade

  8. I love my antec 900 :)

    Holy crap, that video was awesome. Great song with it too.

  9. The song is very chill.

    Nice review!

  10. Sweet case, looks from another planet :D

  11. that song is strange. Makes me think of an LSD experiment.

  12. can't wait until your next post!!

  13. I showed my friends your post and they enjoyed it! Keep them coming!

  14. The case looks very bad-ass

  15. I came back to check out that computer tower again...

  16. That case is nice, but it totally needs more fans...hehe